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Zydus Cadila keen to set-up mfg facility at Hyderabad, reports Telangana Today

HYDERABAD | AHMEDABAD | RAJKOT – Ahmedabad headquartered and Dr Pankaj Patel led Zydus Cadila Group (Cadila Healthcare Ltd) is keen to establish setting-up a facility in the upcoming Hyderabad Pharma City, Telengana Today reports

Quoting Dr Pankaj Patel as told to Telengana Today, the report said of Cadila Healthcare in future to surely look at Hyderabad to set-up one of its units.

The entire process of setting up facility will be based on the timeframe in which the Pharma City starts commences commercial operations and the company shall take a call on what specific products and therapeutic areas it will focus, the Telengana Today report quoting Dr Patel said.

The report also said of Dr Patel stressing on looking at generics space as there was abundant talent pool available in Hyderabad, which the company would like to tap in future.


The report also quoted the kind of thrust and emphasis being laid on investments in life-science sector with the implementation of TSiPASS – The Telangana State Industrial Project Approval and Self-Certification System Act, 2014.

Since January 2015, time of introduction of the TS-iPASS over 700 investment proposals in life sciences sector have been approved by the State Government, including more than 100 R&D (Research & Development) proposals.

Over 80% of these projects have already commenced project execution, the Telengana Today report said.

These envisages more than 20,000 high value R&D jobs and over 50,000 manufacturing jobs in the State.

The past four years have also seen the State’s life sciences sector attracting investments of about Rs 11,000 crore (~110 billion), including Rs 3,000 crore (~30 billion) in R&D space alone, the report said.

The contribution of life sciences sector to the overall product export value from Telangana has been 36 per cent, which has almost doubled during the last four years.

The life sciences product exports in the State grew 2.41 times over the last four years, as compared to the national average of 1.18 times.


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