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TATA ELXSI and AEye unveil Integrated RoboTaxi System

BANGALORE | DUBLIN | MUMBAI | RAJKOT – In a regulatory update as submitted to the Indian Stock Exchanges, Tata Elxsi Ltd, Information Technology Products Arm of Indian Diversified Conglomerate – Tata Group, said that, in collaboration with AEye the company has unveiled integrated RoboTaxi System to create a fully autonomous vehicle.

In a press-release, titled – “Tata Elxsi and AEye Unveil Integrated RoboTaxi System,” enclosed with the regulatory filing as submitted by the company to the Indian Bourses, it further read that, vide this system Concept vehicle integrates AEye’s iDAR with Tata Elxsi’s Autonomai to create fully autonomous vehicle.

The press-release in details further read that, Tata Elxsi, a global design and technology services company, and artificial perception pioneer AEye announced the successful completion of RoboTaxi, Tata Elxsi’s inhouse concept demonstrator vehicle developed using AEye’s iDAR™ platform and Tata Elxsi’s autonomous stack.

iDAR is the first fully software-definable smart sensor that supports dynamic ROI and cueing of sensors, improving the reliability of detection and classification, while extending the range at which objects can be detected, classified and tracked to enhance safe, reliable vehicle autonomy.

Tata Elxsi’s RoboTaxi, built on top of its software middleware platform Autonomai, with deep learning and AI capabilities has been used to conceptualize the RoboTaxi feature.

The feature allows the user to travel in a RoboTaxi from their current location to the user’s selected destination with the press of a button on the screen.

The fully autonomous vehicle, fitted with AEye’s iDAR, encounters various scenarios, such as cross-traffic detection at a junction and round-about, follow the road ahead, and cueing the sensor with HD maps and V2X information.

Tata Elxsi is responsible for iDAR integration into the vehicle, interfacing with the AD stack, simulation, vehicle testing and demonstration for AEye.

AEye’s system is unique in that it can scale for “Autonomy on-demand” – allowing for any hardware implementation, from low-cost ADAS to fully integrated 360 degree RoboTaxi functionality.

AEye also recently announced the ability to move selective perception capabilities to the edge of the network, onto the sensor itself.

Both companies will be demonstrating the advanced RoboTaxi software framework that helps car makers accelerate their autonomous development initiatives at CES in Las Vegas, January 7-10, 2020.

AEye will be showcasing the solution in LVCC booth #7538, while Tata Elxsi will be demonstrating the reference autonomous system at booth #1301 in the Smart City pavilion of the Westgate Convention Center.

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