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TATA COMM collaborates with TeleWare for mobile voice recording

MUMBAI / RAJKOT – In a regulatory filing submitted to the Indian Stock Exchanges, Mumbai headquartered Ratan Tata led Diversified Indian Conglomerate Tata Group’s alternate telecom carrier arm Tata Communications Ltd said of having collaborated with TeleWare on mobile voice recording to help businesses meet their financial regulatory requirements.

In a press-release titled, “Tata Communications and TeleWare collaborate on mobile voice recording to help businesses meet their financial regulatory requirements”, as attached and enclosed with the regulatory filing, as submitted to by the company to the Indian Bourses, further read that, Tata Communications, a digital ecosystem enabler, is working with TeleWare, a communications technology business, to offer TeleWare’s mobile voice and SMS recording as part of the Tata Communications MOVE™ mobility platform.

The release further read that, the combination of the companies’ capabilities will help allow global businesses to give their employees the flexibility to do their work anywhere and anytime, while helping them ensure regulatory compliance with financial transaction reporting.

Employees expect to be able to use their mobile device to collaborate and communicate effectively regardless of time or location.

For many sectors – such as financial services – there is often a need or even a legal requirement to keep a record of all communications.

In the US, for example, financial institutions are required to record mobile communications to comply with regulations in the DoddFrank Act.

And, the EU’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) affects any investment firm dealing with businesses in the EU – so its reach is far and wide.

To address these demands, Tata Communications will equip its global Tata Communications MOVETM mobility platform with TeleWare’s SIM-based mobile voice and SMS recording functionality.

This platform is part of Tata Communications’ mission to create seamless mobile experiences through services and applications that are secure, reliable, and cost-effective for people and businesses to use anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, TeleWare will use the Tata Communications MOVE™ platform for the mobile communications services it provides in Europe.

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