Symphony launches comm air-coolers range ‘MOVICOOL’ priced between 28k-58k

AHMEDABAD | MUMBAI | RAJKOT – In a press-release submitted to the Indian Exchanges, Ahmedabad headquartered innovative air-cooler manufacturer Symphony Ltd said of launching commercial portable air-cooler range, which can cool very large spaces.

The press-release submitted by the company to the Indian Bourses titled, “Launch of unique range of commercial air-coolers,” read that, the company today launched Symphony commercial air cooler range under the brand ’Movicool’.

After conducting initial field trials last summers, the company is now ready for national launch of this range.

Commercial coolers are essentially portable coolers which can cool very large spaces.


Symphony had been selling limited quantities of commercial coolers over the past 3 years which were being imported from the company’s subsidiary GSK in China.

The Movicool range is based on the learnings and customer insights gathered during these 3-years and leveraging on the combined R&D capabilities of Symphony in India and GSK in China.

For the larger models, Symphony has developed and invested in dies and moulds which are massive in size and probably the largest ever in India, in any industry.

The target market for this range would be banquet halls, party plots, farmhouses, factories, warehouses etc.

There are no organized sector players in the commercial cooler space in India.


With this range, Symphony will be developing a virgin market altogether.

The Movicool range consists of 6 models in various sizes and cooling capacities ranging in introductory price from Rs.22,000 to Rs.58,000 per unit.

The range consists of models which are not only portable but are very rugged, suitable for outdoor use and can cool vast indoor and outdoor spaces very effectively, while consuming water and electricity efficiently.

The Movicool range is unique in size, performance and features not only in India but across the world.

The Movicool range will be introduced in international markets in mid 2020.


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