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SWELECT ENERGY SYSTEMS’ Bengaluru plant resumes operations

BENGALURU / CHENNAI / MUMBAI / RAJKOT – In a regulatory update as submitted to the Indian Stock Exchanges, Chennai headquartered Heavy Electrical Equipment (Solar Energy Equipment) manufacturing Indian company Swelect Energy Systems Ltd said of its solar photovoltaic modules manufacturing plat located at Bengaluru having resumed the operations.

In a regulatory update with subject-line titled, “Operations resumed at the Company’s Solar Photovoltaic Modules Manufacturing Plant located at Bengaluru.”, it further read that, vide the company’s Letter dt.25.03.2020 regarding intimation of closure of operations of the Company’s plants located at Bengaluru and Salem due to lockdown announced by The Honorable Prime Minister of India to combat COVID-19, was locked down.

The details further read that, the company would like to inform that in view of the widespread of COVID -19 pandemic and as per the directions of the Government, operations of the Company’s plant located at Bengaluru and Salam were closed with effect from 24.03.2020.

In order to execute an Energy Supply Project to Airport Authority of India we had requested the DIC office for granting us permission to run our facility with a skeletal strength as per MHA guidelines.

As per the directions issued by the Joint Director, Department of Industries Centre, Bengaluru, the Company has been permitted to resume its operation after following the guidelines issued by the Central Government during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Accordingly the Company’s plant located at Bengaluru Rural District has resumed its operations with effect from 25.04.2020 in line with the directions of the Central Government both MHA and Health Advisory Departments.

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