Last Updated : Thursday, December 29, 2016 19:24:28

Sun Pharma officially confirms 2 deaths in blast accident at Ahmednagar (Maharashtra) unit

MUMBAI | AHMEDABAD | RAJKOT – In a clarification submitted to exchanges, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd has officially confirmed death of two workers in a blast incident reported at Ahmedanagar (Maharashtra) unit located in Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation area on December 28, 2016, the company statment said.

The National Stock Exchange and The Bombay Stock Exchange had sought clarification from the company during the trading hours session and the company has respond to exchange clarification, post market hours, after the trading session had closed.

Fire broke out at Sun Pharma’s Ahmednagar factory during excavation work on Wednesday – December 28, 2016, causing burn injuries to four workmen at the excavation site. All the four injured workmen were immediately rushed to a nearby Hospital. Two of the injured workmen succumbed to burn injuries and other two are being treated at the Hospital, the statement said.

According to preliminary updates, both of them are responding well to treatment. We stand by the families of these four workmen in this hour of distress and will look into providing all kind of support as necessary. We are currently investigating the matter with the help of local law enforcement, the statement said.

Ahmednagar plant of Sun Pharma is a Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing unit purchased from Knoll Pharmaceuticals in 1996.

There is no loss of production at Ahmednagar factory on account of this incident, the statement said.  However, investors and markets reacted negatively to the news and shares of Sun Pharma closed in red on negative counters on the two leading Indian bourses – The Bombay Stock Exchange and The National Stock Exchange.


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