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SUBEX secures 5yrs deal from Palestinian Mobile Company, for fraud mgmt

BENGALURU | MUMBAI | RAJKOT – In a regulatory update as submitted to the Indian Stock Exchanges, Bengaluru headquartered IT Software Products sector company SUBEX Ltd said of having secured 5-years deal with Jawwal, the foremost mobile network operator in Palestine.

Subex will provide solutions to address Revenue Operations Centre (ROC) Fraud Management and ROC Revenue Assurance, to cover the recently launched digital services by Jawwal and help the company reduce revenue leakages.

The press-release titled, “Subex secures 5-year deal from Jawwal for ROC Fraud Management and ROC Revenue Assurance,” enclosed with the regulatory filing as submitted by the company to the Indian Bourses, further read that, Subex, a leading telecom analytics solutions provider, today announced a five-year expansion of coverage of their partnership with Jawwal, the foremost mobile network operator in Palestine, to provide an upgrade with the latest versions of ROC Revenue Assurance and ROC Fraud Management.

As a partner of Subex since 2014, Jawwal extended the engagement to an additional five years, which will enable them to cover their recently launched digital services and will help them reduce revenue leakages.

As Jawwal continues to establish its presence in the digital services market, the CSP (communication services provider) aims to build new revenue streams and reduce risks from fraudulent practices, while delivering a consistently high quality of service to their customers.

Using Subex’s revenue assurance and fraud management solutions, Jawwal will transform itself into a holistic digital service provider by using insights into their business/operations support systems (B/OSS) and avail a comprehensive coverage against traditional and new-age frauds.

As part of the new deal, the expanded scope will cover Jawwal’s existing offerings, as well as new ones through controls for Digital Service Assurance, Mobile Money, Rating Assurance, Number Portability and Revenue Recognition.

This will allow the CSP to offer its customers with the profitable digital offerings, while ensuring a positive experience.

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