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STERLITE TECH bags T-Fibre project in Telangana State

AURANGABAD | HYDERABAD | MUMBAI | AHMEDABAD-GANDHINAGAR | RAJKOT – In a regulatory update as submitted to the Indian Stock Exchanges, Aurangabad (Maharashtra) headquartered other categories of telecom services providing company Sterlite Technologies Ltd said of having bagged T-Fibre project in the South Indian state of Telangana, which aims to deliver digital infrastructure to 6 million rural citizens of the state.

The press-release titled, “STL awarded T-Fiber project to deliver digital infrastructure to 6 million rural citizens of Telangana,” as enclosed with the regulatory filing as submitted to the Indian Bourses, further read that, the multi-year deal worth about Rs.1800 crore requires STL to design, build and manage a rural broadband network across 3000 gram panchayats in Telangana.

STL [NSE: STRTECH], a global data networks innovator, was recently awarded the mandate to create a high speed rural broadband network from Telangana Fiber Grid Corporation Ltd. (T-Fiber).

Supporting the vision to establish a ‘Digital Telangana’, T-Fiber and STL will work together for enabling affordable and high-speed broadband connectivity to 6 million rural citizens in the state of Telangana.

Government of Telangana is taking big leaps to build and leverage the broadband infrastructure under BharatNet, which aims to provide broadband connectivity to all 250,000 gram panchayats in the country.

As a state-led program, Telangana Government has initiated T-Fiber to provide broadband connectivity up to the household level across the state by rolling-out optical fiber and network infrastructure.

STL was awarded a work order for about Rs.1100 crore for Phase-1 of the project.

The total project value is worth about Rs.1800 crore for which STL has received the letter of intent.

This turnkey project entails designing and building an end-to-end rural broadband network across 11 districts, 3000 gram panchayats of Telangana and managing the network for an additional seven years.

The project has a significant O&M revenue stream, close to 30% of the overall Project value.

The scope includes rolling out end-to-end network connectivity by deploying 64,000 kms of OFC (Optical Fibre Cable) Network, as well as deploying IP MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), a routing technique and GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network), a point to multipoint access to create seamless network connectivity.

STL will leverage its latest network solutions such as LEAD360, iCORE and FTTx Mantra to deliver this project.

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