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RPP INFRA Broadens Geographical Reach to Myanmar with New Order Win

ERODE | MUMBAI | AHMEDABAD-GANDHINAGAR | RAJKOT – In a regulatory update as submitted to the Indian Stock Exchanges, Erode (Tamilnadu) headquartered infrastructure company RPP Infra Projects Ltd said of having bagged road-construction project on India-Myanmar border, along with its joint-venture company.

The regulatory update as submitted by the company to the Indian Bourses titled – “RPP Infra Broadens Geographical Reach to Myanmar with New Order Win” read that, RPP Infra Projects is pleased to announce a new order win worth INR 4,140 million, in JV.

The company, along with its JV partner, has won an order for the construction of a two-lane road from Kaletwa to the India-Myanmar border in the Chin state of Myanmar.

This new project worth INR 4,140 million, marks the diversification of RPP Infra Projects into the new geographical international location of Myanmar.

RPP Infra’s order book at the end of FY19 stood at INR 19,440 Million.

The company is well on its way to meeting its order inflow aim of INR 12,000 Million in FY20.


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