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PERSISTENT SYSTEMS and Fintech help Credit Unions in UK, go digital

LONDONG (UK) | SANTA CLARA (CALIFORNIA, US) | PUNE | MUMBAI | RAJKOT – In a regulatory filing submitted to the Indian Stock Exchanges, Pune headquartered information technology services company Persistent Systems Ltd alongwith financial technologies (fintech) platform leader Gojoko announced joint offering – The Community Lenders Gô Digital®, which will help the credit unions to access and service digitally, in a hassle-free manner.

The release titled, “A new day for credit unions with the launch of Gojoko Community Lenders Gô Digital® Platform in partnership with Persistent Digital Credit Union Solution™,” further read that, Gojoko and Persistent extend partnership, offering credit unions a user-friendly, function-rich banking platform powered by Amazon Web Services.

The release in details read that, Persistent Systems and fintech platform leader Gojoko today announced a joint offering – the Community Lenders Gô Digital® Platform running on the Persistent Digital Credit Union Solution™.

Persistent also announced  the availability of the Persistent Digital Bank Solution™, which includes an industry-first actbot, providing new levels of proactive interaction with customers.

Community Lenders Gô Digital® Platform supports Gojoko Marketing’s mission to elevate community banks and credit unions to help them grow and expand into modern financial institutions.

The solution offers customers the choice of modularized capabilities based on their needs, which will run on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The new service will provide the agility necessary to enable banks and credit unions to rapidly design, launch, service and scale banking and lending portfolios.

It also offers credit unions an effective way to leverage a cutting edge banking platform without significant investment.

Gojoko deploys a fintech platform, digital customer interface and advanced digital marketing to its banking customers.

Persistent provides systems integration, including the aggregation of loans and booking into the Mambu banking platform.

Community Lenders Gô Digital® Platform is the first Persistent Digital Bank Solution™, designed as a ready to use set of Digital Banking components and expertly integrates with existing IT systems.

The microservices-based integration layer and sandbox is hosted on AWS and is available worldwide.

For smaller financial institutions, like community credit unions, this solution removes the technology barrier to entry and allows them to focus on their core mission.

In addition, AWS provides them the same security and scalability enjoyed by the largest financial institutions. Find more information here.

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