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Gauri Khan designs EXQUISITE LIMITED EDITION milk-bottles for Parag Milk Foods

MUMBAI | RAJKOT – Parag Milk Foods Ltd has tied-up with Gauri (Shahrukh) Khan to co-create an exquisite limited edition bottle for the brand’s 7th year anniversary celebration, the company press release addressed to the Indian Bourses said on Monday.

We are happy to inform you that our premium brand Pride of Cows has collaborated with the talented designer Gauri Khan to co-create an exquisite limited edition bottle for the brand’s 7th Year Anniversary celebration, the press release read.

Taking inspiration from freshness of nature, Gauri Khan has put this unique design together by bringing in hues of gold, white and black to depict the essence of the brand.

Weaving innovation with abstract design, Gauri Khan beautifully wraps the bottle with an intricate geometric pattern.

Through this design label, Gauri Khan illustrates a quintessential blend of luxury and style which is embodied by Pride of Cows.

The limited edition bottle is a sign of elegance and luxury while maintaining its traditional shape, which perfectly relates to the brand’s philosophy of bringing innovation while remaining within our core values.

Commenting on the collaboration, Akshali Shah, Sr. Vice President, Strategy – Sales and Marketing, Parag Milk Foods Ltd said,

“Pride of Cows strives to encourage people who believe in the finer things in life by providing milk that is at the cutting edge of purity and high quality. With an idea of creating a design that mirrors the freshness of Pride of Cows, we believe that this collaboration with ace designer, Gauri Khan is a perfect match. We have always been committed to satiating our consumers with the finest and the most innovative products and are delighted to involve them in the brand’s 7th Anniversary celebrations.”

Expressing her excitement, Gauri Khan said,

“Design comes with creativity and this was one of those times where I did not have to look for inspiration to wrap this white gold stunningly. It was a wonderful experience to design the Pride of Cows limited edition bottle. I am so thrilled to be a part of their 7th anniversary celebrations”.


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