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Media Reports of, Major fire incident at RIL’s Hazira Complex, but no casualty

SURAT (HAZIRA) | RAJKOT – Major fire incident has been reported at Hazira unit of Reliance Industries Ltd on Tuesday night, several Surat based media reports cite the said fire incident which took place on Tuesday night at the site, following a huge blast with a sound at cracker unit installed in the facility, created a kind of panic situation in surrounding areas.

Media reports point the incident having created a situation of panic and disturbance in nearby local villages, as the blast with a sound followed eruption of huge flames was a sudden phenomena.

Incident occurred in fully automated cracker plant at Hazira Petrochemical complex of the company due to some technical snag, Media reports quoting sources and company officials said. 

Due to technical snag, waste material in the complex got burnt and ushered out from the chimney in form of fire flames, media reports said.

No casualty was reported in the fire incident which was reported late night on Tuesday at RIL’s Hazira complex, the media reports read.

MERANEWS.COM GOT A VIDEO has carried a 43 seconds video on its YouTube handle, displaying the intensity of the fire which broke at Hazira unit of the company, of which the link is displayed here …


Whereas website reports of Divya Bhaskar in Hindi and Gujarati language mentions of the local residents from nearby villages getting scared of the situation, as the reports of the temperature in surrounding areas having soared in range of 40-45° celcius surfaced following the fire incident.


WhatsApp circulated media snippets daily evening title SAMKAALIN also reported the same incident, quoting company sources of terming the shutdown of plant when such incidents of fire are reported and automatically the waste material gets disposed out from chimney, in form of fire-flames.

However, company sources or officials remained quite on the reports of temperature having soared following the fire incident in the surrounding areas, SAMKAALIN reports.


However, no official communication into the incident matter or intimating any kind of plant shutdown process due to incident has been communicated to the Indian Bourses, till the trading session ended on the Indian Stock Exchanges on Wednesday, September 19, 2018.


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