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MarQ by Flipkart launches ‘FALKON AERBOOK’ Thin & Light laptop

BENGALURU | RAJKOT – In a press-release issued by Flipkart it read of the company’s own private brand ‘MarQ’ has launched the thin & light laptop ‘Falkon Aerbook’ on, e-commerce marketplace.

The release titled, “MarQ by Flipkart launches Intel-powered ‘Falkon Aerbook’ Thin and Light laptop”, further read that, At 16.5mm, 1.26kg, 13.3-inch, form factor the laptop is set to disrupt the thin & light laptop segment in India, Intel® Core™ i5 Processors power an ultra-sleek model and Laptops to be priced Rs.39,990 onwards on Flipkart starting January 17.

Flipkart, India’s leading e-commerce marketplace, announced the launch of the intel-powered ‘Falkon Aerbook’ Thin & Light series of laptops under its private brand ‘MarQ by Flipkart’.

In collaboration with Intel and Microsoft, two of the biggest ecosystem partners, the laptops come with Intel® 8th Generation Core™ i5 Processors in an ultra-sleek, 13.3-inch, form factor.

Inherently known for delivering great features at competitive prices, MarQ by Flipkart is branching out to laptops to address the  gaps between customer desires and current offerings.

Flipkart has emerged as a key destination for customers to buy laptops online.

After analyzing millions of customer reviews and studying the market, the company recognized consumer demand for sleeker and light form factors.

This reflects the current demand trends based on advancements in processor and battery technologies.

With this market shift in mind, MarQ by Flipkart, together with Intel and Microsoft, are looking to address this segment, keeping in mind the requirements of today’s users, who are constantly on the move by providing them laptops which address their demands at competitive prices.

Powered by cutting-edge technologies, unwavering customer-centricity and uncompromising quality standards, the laptops are designed specifically for young professionals and students, who are looking for slim and light on-the-go laptops.

These laptops are consistent with Flipkart’s promise of great quality, tested rigorously to give users the best experience and value.


  • Design: The laptop comes with 16.5mm slim design and weighs a mere 1.26kg
  • Display: 13.3-inch full high definition and in-plane switching display offers a great viewing experience
  • RAM & Storage: 8GB RAM & 256GB SSD storage augments energy efficiency, faster boot times, faster application loading times and better system responsiveness. Dedicated SSD slot for expandable storage of upto 1 TB.
  • Processor: 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 for superior computing on-the-go
  • Sensors: Precision touchpad with multi-touch gesture support provides seamless user experience
  • Battery: 37 W-hr battery with a life of up to 5hrs optimized for daily on-the-go computing needs
  • Warranty: Door-step warranty support with 10000+ pincode coverage, highly-skilled technical specialists and genuine spares replacement. With call centre operations supported 12/7 from 9 AM to 9 PM.

The laptop is the latest launch in a slew of the MarQ’s 15 product categories spread across 50 variants.

The laptop industry is a Rs.10,000 crore (~100 billion) market in India.

Customers are increasingly shopping online for laptops, and over the next two years online penetration of the category is expected to grow to 53%.

The Thin & Light (TnL) segment ( <2kg, <20mm) is set to take over the industry from 18% to 65% in the next two years and is anticipated to be the new industry mainstream in the coming year.


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