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LT FOODS launches DAAWAT Cuppa Rice, instant hot rice meal

NEW DELHI / MUMBAI / RAJKOT – In a regulatory filing as submitted to the Indian Stock Exchanges, New Delhi headquartered packaged food sector company LT Foods Ltd said of having launched instant hot rice meal DAAWAT Cuppa Rice, which is available in ready-to-heat and eat five variants comprising of Daal Chawal, Sambhar Chawal, Rajma Chawal, Veg Biriyani and Schezwan Rice.

In a press-release titled, “LT Foods Limited Launches DAAWAT Cuppa Rice”, as submitted by the company to the Indian Bourses, it further read that, LT Foods, a 70 year old Consumer Food Company is known for being agile for keeping a close tap on changing consumer needs and preferences and expanding its product portfolio to provide health, safety and convenience to the consumers.

The Company has a proven track record of launching healthy and convenient products depending on the need of a geography such as DAAWAT Quick Cooking Brown Rice, Fortified Rice, DAAWAT Rice Sauté Sauces, Premium Rice – based snacks, Ready-to-Heat products, etc. that have been very well accepted by the consumers.

LT Foods has further expanded its product portfolio by launching “DAAWAT Cuppa Rice” that provides tasty and healthy food instantly.

These are ready to eat rich based meals in a dry (dehydrated) state and are reconstituted in 8 minutes by just adding hot water.

It is made from all natural ingredients with no preservatives and artificial ingredients. It is available in 5 variants – Daal Chawal, Sambhar Chawal, Rajma Chawal, Veg Biryani and Schezwan Rice.

The product would be available in India as well as International market.

“DAAWAT Cuppa Rice”, priced at Rs. 70 to the consumer will give a full plate (240-300 grams) of rice meal. In the coming month, this product will be available in stores and on online channels in India.

A small quantity would also be exported to Middle East for the Indian diaspora there.

The Company would be leveraging the strong brand equity of brand “DAAWAT” and its robust distribution network to market this product.

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