News of Saurashtra in Gujarat

MDA led Reliance Group completes acquisition of Hamleys (Toys brand) for £67.96 million

MUMBAI | AHMEDABAD-GANDHINAGAR | RAJKOT – In a regulatory update submitted to the Indian Bourses, Indian conglomerate Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani owned Reliance group said of having completed acquisition of Hamleys Global Holdings Ltd for cash-consideration of Great Britain (Sterling) Pound £67.96 million. The filing submitted to the exchange read that, Further to our previous communication

R-Infra Creditors ink agreement to implement resolution plan in 6 months

MUMBAI | AHMEDABAD-GANDHINAGAR | RAJKOT – In a press release submitted to the Indian Bourses, Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group’s (ADAG) Infra arm Reliance Infrastructure Ltd said of 16 lenders to the company having inked inter-creditor agreement, for the resolution of the company’s debt, vide which the resolution plan of the company shall be implemented in

Sun Pharma tie-ups with Chinese Pharma Co, to develop & commercialize Psoriasis treatment drug

VADODARA (BARODA) | MUMBAI | AHMEDABAD-GANDHINAGAR | RAJKOT – In a press-release submitted to the stock exchanges in India, pharma major Sun Pharma said of entering into licensing agreement with a Chinese company for development and commercialization of treatment for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. The press release submitted to the Indian Bourses by the company

Gujarat State Pollution Regulator slams closure notice to Excel Crop Care’s Bhavnagar unit

GANDHINAGAR | BHAVNAGAR | MUMBAI | AHMEDABAD | RAJKOT – In a regulatory update submitted to the Indian Stock Exchanges, Excel Crop Care Ltd said its Bhavnagar unit will shut down for 15 days, following a closure notice from Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB). In an update the company communicated that,  as per an Order

TRAI data says, Reliance JIO crosses 20 million (2 Cr) subscriber mark in Gujarat

NEW DELHI | MUMBAI | AHMEDABAD-GANDHINAGAR-RAJKOT – In a press release issued by Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd, the company claimed of having crossed 20 million (2 crore) subscribers mark in the state of Gujarat, as per the data made available by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). For first time since inception of telecom services

After winning polls for 17th Lok Sabha Term, Union Council of Ministers take charge

NEW DELHI | AHMEDABAD-GANDHINAGAR | RAJKOT – After having completed the oath taking ceremony organized on Thursday by India Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi and anointed ministers, as per the directive issued by the Prime Minister’s office The President of India has directed the allocation of portfolios among 58 members of the Union Council of

HDFC Bank launches Secure Banking Programme @ RAJKOT

RAJKOT – HDFC Bank Ltd today launched its secure banking programme at Rajkot, vide the Bank‘s ongoing endeavour to create customer awareness about safe banking practices. The programme will be rolled out across 35 branches in and around Rajkot to educate customers and create awareness among general public. At a function organized in the city,

Who is Vipul Boricha, Sandesh TV’s cameraperson in the line of fire at Junagadh!

JUNAGADH | RAJKOT – On Sunday evening, while I was at Ahmedabad, attending one official professional meeting, all of a sudden messages of mediapersons being attacked started pinging one after the another on my cellphone. In just few minutes, a video recording from a cellphone, flashed on several social media handles, including WhatsApp, Facebook etc and

#DLGPOLLTRIX2019 | Poll Data, Numbers & United Colours of Gujarat (IN IMAGES)

AHMEDABAD | GANDHINAGAR | RAJKOT – Registered averaged voters turnout across 26 Lok Sabha constituencies in the state of Gujarat for Lok Sabha 2019 Phase-3 polls increased by just 1.54% at 63.90%, over the Lok Sabha 2014 registered voters turnout which was 62.36%. However the registered electoral numbers added to the election commission’s database in

IN IMAGES | Whale Shark Corpse found on West Coast of India

BET-DWARKA | OKHA | MITHAPUR | DWARKA | RAJKOT – Corpse of a huge largest living marine mammal on the earth – Whale Shark, was found on the West Coast of India on Tuesday, in a creek area near Bet-Dwarka in Devbhoomi Dwarka District of Gujarat State. Whale Shark being a protected marine specie vide

तस्वीरों में | भारत के पश्चिम समुद्र तट पर मिला महाकाय व्हेल शार्क का शव

बेट-द्वारका | ओखा | मीठापुर | द्वारका | राजकोट – भारत के पश्चिमी समुद्र तट पर एक महाकाय व्हेल शार्क का शव पाया गया है, जिसे आधिकारिक तौर पे वन अधिकारिओ को सोंपा गया है और आगे की ज़रूरी कारवाई की जा रही है. व्हेल शार्क वन्यजीव संरक्षण अधिनियम १९७२ के तहत एक संरक्षित समुद्री

તસ્વીરોમાં | ભારતનાં પશ્ચિમ તટ પર મળી આવ્યો મહાકાય વ્હેલ શાર્ક માછલીનો મૃતદેહ

બેટ-દ્વારકા | ઓખા | મીઠાપુર | દ્વારકા | રાજકોટ – ભારતના પશ્ચિમ દરિયા કિનારે એક વિશાળ વ્હેલ શાર્ક માછલીનો મૃતદેહ મળી આવ્યો છે. આ વ્હેલ શાર્કનાં મૃતદેહને સત્તાવાર રીતે વન અધિકારીઓને સોંપવામાં આવ્યા બાદ જરૂરી કારકુની તેમજ વહીવટી કાર્યવાહી પણ હાથ ધરાયેલ છે. વ્હેલ શાર્ક માછલીને ૧૯૭૨ના વાઇલ્ડલાઇફ પ્રોટેક્શન એક્ટ હેઠળનાં અધિનિયમો દ્વારા સંરક્ષિત દરિયાઇ

#DLGQ4FY19EARNINGS | TV18 Broadcast’s Consolidated Net Profit YoY for Q4FY19 (Jan-Mar Quarter) shoots-up 6 folds!

MUMBAI | AHMEDABAD | GANDHINAGAR | RAJKOT – In a regulatory quarterly earning update for fourth quarter of financial year 2018-19 ie January to March quarter, TV18 Broadcast Ltd reported a sharp jump in year-on-year consolidated net profit of the company which grew 6 folds at 300 million rupees (299 million rupees to be precise)

#DLGHYPERLOCALNEWS | RAJKOT ZOO gets 3 new White Tiger Cubs

RAJKOT – In a press communique shared by RAJKOT MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, the civic body said of 3 new Tiger Cubs born to Tigress Gayatri on April 2, 2019 – Tuesday. The new arrivals are result of the Tigress Gayatri’s mating with Tiger Divakar at the Zoo, who was shipped to Rajkot Zoo from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.