News of Devbhoomi Dwarka (Khambhalia) in Gujarat

Reliance invests 2.95 bln INR, to buy 87.6% stake in an E-Comm Software Firm

MUMBAI | AHMEDABAD-GANDHINAGAR | RAJKOT – In a regulatory update submitted to the Indian Stock Exchanges, Indian Conglomerate – Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Group (Reliance Industries Ltd) said of one of its subsidiary companies having brought 87.6% stake in a software technology company for e-commerce, investing 295.25 crore rupees. The statement submitted by the company

Vedanta fully unwinds the CIHL Structured Investment with superior gains

GURUGRAM | MUMBAI | AHMEDABAD-GANDHINAGAR | RAJKOT – In a press communication submitted to the Indian Stock Exchanges, oil-gas-mining major Vedanta Ltd said of unwinding its overseas subsidiary company Cairn India Holdings Ltd’s structured investments, in Anglo American, with superior gains. The press release submitted by the company read that, Vedanta fully unwinds the CIHL Structured

R-Infra Creditors ink agreement to implement resolution plan in 6 months

MUMBAI | AHMEDABAD-GANDHINAGAR | RAJKOT – In a press release submitted to the Indian Bourses, Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group’s (ADAG) Infra arm Reliance Infrastructure Ltd said of 16 lenders to the company having inked inter-creditor agreement, for the resolution of the company’s debt, vide which the resolution plan of the company shall be implemented in

#DLGPOLLTRIX2019 | Poll Data, Numbers & United Colours of Gujarat (IN IMAGES)

AHMEDABAD | GANDHINAGAR | RAJKOT – Registered averaged voters turnout across 26 Lok Sabha constituencies in the state of Gujarat for Lok Sabha 2019 Phase-3 polls increased by just 1.54% at 63.90%, over the Lok Sabha 2014 registered voters turnout which was 62.36%. However the registered electoral numbers added to the election commission’s database in

IN IMAGES | Whale Shark Corpse found on West Coast of India

BET-DWARKA | OKHA | MITHAPUR | DWARKA | RAJKOT – Corpse of a huge largest living marine mammal on the earth – Whale Shark, was found on the West Coast of India on Tuesday, in a creek area near Bet-Dwarka in Devbhoomi Dwarka District of Gujarat State. Whale Shark being a protected marine specie vide

तस्वीरों में | भारत के पश्चिम समुद्र तट पर मिला महाकाय व्हेल शार्क का शव

बेट-द्वारका | ओखा | मीठापुर | द्वारका | राजकोट – भारत के पश्चिमी समुद्र तट पर एक महाकाय व्हेल शार्क का शव पाया गया है, जिसे आधिकारिक तौर पे वन अधिकारिओ को सोंपा गया है और आगे की ज़रूरी कारवाई की जा रही है. व्हेल शार्क वन्यजीव संरक्षण अधिनियम १९७२ के तहत एक संरक्षित समुद्री

તસ્વીરોમાં | ભારતનાં પશ્ચિમ તટ પર મળી આવ્યો મહાકાય વ્હેલ શાર્ક માછલીનો મૃતદેહ

બેટ-દ્વારકા | ઓખા | મીઠાપુર | દ્વારકા | રાજકોટ – ભારતના પશ્ચિમ દરિયા કિનારે એક વિશાળ વ્હેલ શાર્ક માછલીનો મૃતદેહ મળી આવ્યો છે. આ વ્હેલ શાર્કનાં મૃતદેહને સત્તાવાર રીતે વન અધિકારીઓને સોંપવામાં આવ્યા બાદ જરૂરી કારકુની તેમજ વહીવટી કાર્યવાહી પણ હાથ ધરાયેલ છે. વ્હેલ શાર્ક માછલીને ૧૯૭૨ના વાઇલ્ડલાઇફ પ્રોટેક્શન એક્ટ હેઠળનાં અધિનિયમો દ્વારા સંરક્ષિત દરિયાઇ

#DLGQ4FY19EARNINGS | TV18 Broadcast’s Consolidated Net Profit YoY for Q4FY19 (Jan-Mar Quarter) shoots-up 6 folds!

MUMBAI | AHMEDABAD | GANDHINAGAR | RAJKOT – In a regulatory quarterly earning update for fourth quarter of financial year 2018-19 ie January to March quarter, TV18 Broadcast Ltd reported a sharp jump in year-on-year consolidated net profit of the company which grew 6 folds at 300 million rupees (299 million rupees to be precise)

CONCOR’s total container handling for Q4(Jan-Mar) FY2019 up 3% YoY @ 9,78,930 TEUs

NEW DELHI | MUMBAI | RAJKOT – In a regulatory filing submitted to the Indian Stock Exchanges, Container Corporation (CONCOR) of India Ltd, a multimodal logistics company and one of the Navratna public sector undertaking ventures of Indian Government reported 3% growth in the total container traffic handled for Q4 (Jan-Mar) of Financial year 2018-19

L&T sells its entire stake held in L&T Kobe Machinery for 435 million INR

MUMBAI | RAJKOT – In a regulatory filing submitted to the Indian Bourses, Larsen & Toubro (L&T) Ltd  has entered into a definitive agreement with KOBE STEEL, LTD., a company registered in Japan, on April 2, 2019 for the divestment of its entire stake in L&T Kobelco Machinery Private Limited, a 51:49 joint venture between

Indain Gas Regulator – PNGRB awarded City Gas Distribution bids in 50 Geographical Areas, to 12 successful bidders

NEW DELHI | RAJKOT – PNGRB (Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board) launched 10th CGD Bidding Round on 06th November 2018, for development of City Gas Distribution (CGD) networks for the 50 Geographical  Areas (GAs) which includes 124 districts (112 complete and 12 part), spread over 14 States and Union Territories (UTs) in India. The regulator

Vedanta notifies Indian Government on oil discovery in KG Basin asset

GURUGRAM | MUMBAI | RAJKOT – In a press release submitted to the Indian Bourses, Vedanta Ltd has notified the Management Committee, Directorate General of Hydrocarbons and Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas of an Oil Discovery in the second exploratory well H2, located in the block KG-OSN-2009/3, Krishna-Godavari Basin, East Coast of India. Vedanta

Maharashtra Electricity regulator nods Tata Power’s 700 MW power purchase arrangements

MUMBAI | RAJKOT – In a press release submitted to the Indian Bourses on Wednesday, power sector major TATA POWER LTD said of Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) having approved 700 MW (MegaWatt) PPA (Power Purchase Arrangements) between Distribution and Generation Business of Tata Power for the next five years. The Commission has allowed the Distribution

RIL invests in a newly incorporated realty & infra entity

MUMBAI | RAJKOT –  In a regulatory filing submitted to the Exchanges in India on Friday, Reliance Industries Ltd said of having invested Rs 5,00,000 (5 lakh ~ 0.5 million) in cash in 50,000 equity shares of Rs. 10 each of “Reliance Navi Mumbai Infra Limited” (RNMIL), a newly incorporated entity. RNMIL is incorporated with

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