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JB CHEM clarifies on the confusion around Rantac®(Ranitidine)

MUMBAI | AHMEDABAD-GANDHINAGAR | RAJKOT – In a regulatory update as submitted to the Indian Stock Exchanges, Mumbai headquartered pharmaceuticals company JB Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd clarified on the reports having appeared in some sections of media indicating that their brand Rantac® (Ranitidine molecule) has been banned, which the company said was false and incorrect.

In a press-release titled – “J. B. Chemicals clears the confusion around Rantac®(Ranitidine),” as communicated to the Indian Bourses, it further read that, there has also been a lot of social media conversations that have misled the public, some section of the press, and even healthcare professionals.

Ranitidine recently drew the attention of the Healthcare industry, Regulatory bodies and the Media after excess levels of NDMA (N Nitrosodimethylamine) were found in some of the Ranitidine products in USA.

NDMA is an environmental impurity which is also found in drinking water, food, including meat(s), dairy products, and vegetables.

The company would like to categorically assert that their product Rantac® is not banned by the regulatory authorities.

As a responsible manufacturer, JBCPL continues to manufacture Rantac® which complies with all the standards set by the Drug Controller General of India (DCG(I)).

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