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Implementing digital strategies, Titan achieves 21% growth for FY19

BENGALURU | MUMBAI | RAJKOT – In a regulatory quarterly business update, Bengaluru headquartered Titan Ltd (A TATA Enterprise) said of having achieved 21% growth for financial year 2018-19, with digital initiatives successfully implemented across several business verticals.

The Company continued the good growth momentum of the past few years in the financial year ended 31st March 2019 and achieved strong revenue growth for the third consecutive financial year, demonstrating the strength of our strategies and execution capabilities.

Growth has now become broad based across divisions, reflecting our ability to adapt & recraft according to market needs and creating strong value propositions for our customers by raising standards across the value chain – design, manufacturing, supply chain, branding, retailing , sales etc.

In FY 19, we launched many enticing products and collections across the categories and brands, hitting several revenue milestones and winning many awards & accolades.

The investments in Digital initiatives continued and the year saw the setting up of the Design Excellence Centre and the Corporate Business group to focus on institutional sales.

All the initiatives described earlier have helped the Company grow its sales during the year FY 19 by around 21%.

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