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iGTB powered First Abu Dhabi Bank Wins Global Finance Award 2020

CHENNAI / MUMBAI / RAJKOT – In a regulatory update as submitted to the Indian Stock Exchanges, Chennai headquartered Intellect Design Arena Ltd said of one of its leading clients in Middle-East region, the iGTB powered First Abu Dhabi Bank having won global finance award 2020 for best quality liquidity management bank in the Middle East region.

In a press-release titled, “iGTB powered First Abu Dhabi Bank Wins Global Finance Award 2020 for ‘Best Liquidity Management Bank in the Middle East’.” attached as enclosure with the regulatory filing as submitted to the Indian Bourses, further read that, iGTB solution – is a key to the digital transformation of First Abu Dhabi Bank’s end-to-end transaction banking services.

The release further read that, iGTB, the world’s first complete Global Transaction Banking Platform from Intellect Design Arena is proud to congratulate UAE’s leading financial institution First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) for being recognized by Global Finance Award 2020 as the Best Liquidity Management Bank in the Middle East.

FAB, a long-standing client of iGTB, received this award for demonstrating innovation through technology to offer a differentiated user experience that aligns with the needs of today’s business owners and corporate treasurers.

FAB has implemented iGTB’s integrated Digital Transaction Banking solution with the front-end client interface supplied by the Contextual Banking Experience (CBX) with its modern, omnichannel UX, and the back-end by iGTB’s fully integrated state-of-the-art Liquidity Management Solution, collections, receivables, and payments products.

The award-winning Liquidity Management Solution from iGTB empowers corporate treasurers with pooling, sweeping, intercompany loans and virtual accounts, as well as policy-driven automated investment sweeps, cash flow forecasting and real-time funds checking.

The system delivers sophisticated automation and comprehensive analysis for more informed decision within corporate treasury departments.

iGTB is the market leader in corporate liquidity management and partners banks worldwide – indeed, 23% of worldwide cross-border MNC sweeps go through iGTB systems.

Its applications for transaction banking sport a world-class comprehensive digital, self-service, front-end that delivers a faster, simpler and seamless experience to help banks gain and retain corporate clients.

Global Finance relies on a multi-tiered assessment process, including input from industry analysts, corporate executives and technology experts to select the best providers of treasury and cash management services.

Winners are chosen based on a range of objectives and subjective criteria, including profitability, market share and reach, customer service, competitive pricing, product innovation and service differentiation.

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