HAVELLS expands its fan segment with hand-crafted fans “AINDRILA”

NOIDA | NEW DELHI | MUMBAI | AHMEDABAD-GANDHINAGAR | RAJKOT – In a press-release submitted to the Indian Stock Exchanges, New Delhi headquartered white goods manufacturers Havells India Ltd said of having expanded its fan segment and having launched range of technologically advanced hand-crafted fans vide a new range “Aindrila” – launched today.

In a press-release as addressed to the Indian Bourses titled, “Havells expanding its fan segment  Launches ‘Aindrila’, a range of technologically advanced and hand‐crafted fans ” it further read that, Havells India Ltd, launched India’s first complete square‐shaped  pedestal fan ‘Aindrila’.

The new fan comes with many industry firsts‐ namely its unique square design,  hand crafted guard, mood lighting and is three times sturdier than any other pedestal fan.

The Aindrila  range of fans also provides protection from thermal overload and high voltage thus ensuring safety of  its users.

For extra convenience, the fan comes with unique fuse that is handy and can be changed by  users themselves if needed.

The new range of fans are partially hand‐crafted, sporting a contemporary and unique aesthetic  appearance.

Powered by technological features such as auto‐off timer function, remote control operation, the launch of ‘Aindrila’ underlines Havells’ commitment to cater to the evolving needs of  the Indian consumer and growth focus in Chandigarh.

The new range of pedestal fans comes with 400 mm sweep, up to 8 hours of timer, breeze and sleep modes, soft‐touch panel with remote control  operation and auto‐off timer function.

An ever‐increasing demand for contemporary designs, coupled with tech‐driven innovations, has  spurred new trends in the fan segment.

Today, fans are not just utility products and have evolved to the stature of corner arts. ‘Aindrila’ range of fans, with its seamless functionality and innovative  aesthetics, promises to be an aspirational corner‐art for the discerning consumers of today.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Ravindra Singh Negi, President – Electrical Consumer Durables, Havells India Ltd commented, “We are pleased to introduce India’s first square shaped Pedestal fan which is  an extension of our fan segment which was established in 2003. The fan not only has an aesthetic feel  to it but also is also elevates the ambience of your room, establishing itself as a corner art. We are confident that it will be well‐received and appreciated by aspiring buyers in Chandigarh as the consumers in the region are not only tech‐savvy but also have an inclination towards inspiring and  aesthetic designs.”

Havells is the market leader in the decorative and premium fan segment and commands over 19%  market share in the country.

It is the only company in the country to have largest integrated fan  manufacturing facility, producing over 7 million fans annually.

With over 1,50,000 retail outlets pan  India, Havells has been leading premiumisation of new age fans and plans to increase its network by  20% year on year.




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