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#DLGEXCLUSIVE / GUJARAT GOVT’s Health Dept differs on CORONA (COVID-19) data & numbers

GANDHINAGAR / AHMEDABAD / RAJKOT – In a communication issued by top bureaucrats from Health Department of Gujarat Government, it seems that senior officials are either not synced or not well-informed on the data and numbers of the people infected due to Corona Virus (COVID-19) across the world as well as number of people infected in India due to same pandemic outbreak.

In efforts to brace the impact and take the precautions to prevent further damage on health in civic life due to global pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 Gujarat Government’s health department has undertaken immediate action to educate students across educations institutes in the state about the Corona Virus and the pandemic.

Following the guidelines as issued by Health Department of Government, the notification was issued by Health and Family Welfare department to avoid assembly, meetings, gathering, in form of conference, events, workshops, seminars etc till 31st March, 2020.

In two separate communications dated 13.03.2020 as inked by the Jaiprakash Shivhare, Health Commissioner (Health, Medical Services and Medical Education) and Jayanti Ravi, Principal Secretary (Health & Family Planning); the number displayed of people infected due to Corona Virus (COVID-19) across the world, has a huge difference, as huge as 25,000.

Communication, as addressed by Shivhare at kind attention of Anju Sharma, Principal Secretary, Higher & Technical Education, it displays of 60 cases of COVID-19 reported in India.

Whereas the notification issued and as inked by Jayanti Ravi displays 81 cases of COVID-19 reported in India, which is in tandem with the data displayed on WHO (World Health Organization) DASHBOARD.

DATELINE GUJARAT ( was in receipt of the documents which were viral over social media networks at around 00:21 hours on 14th March, 2020 – Saturday and so was not in position to get clarification from either of the bureaucrats, over such difference displayed in number of Corona affected cases globally and India, as cited in the communications, duly signed by responsible executive cadre of State Government.

However, DATELINE GUJARAT ( engaged into the factcheck and verified with the data reported by WHO, which read that, according to 20:30 hours of IST ~ Indian Standard Time (which is 5 hours and 30 minutes ahead of GREENWICH MERIDIAN TIME and 6 hours and 30 minutes ahead of CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME),

  • The number of Corona Affected (Confirmed) Cases Globally is : 136,895 (~1 Lakh 36 Thousand and 895 patients)
  • The number of Corona Affected (Confirmed) Deaths reported Globally is : 5,077 (~Five Thousand Seventy Seven)
  • The Countries, Areas or Territories with Corona Affected (Confirmed) cases is : 123 (~One Hundred Twenty Three)
  • Total Number of (Confirmed) Cases Registered in India due to Corona Virus : 81 (~Eighty One) 

DATELINE GUJARAT’s TAKE : Unless and until the Gujarat Government officials do not issue the clarification and throw the light, as to why the top rank bureaucrats differed on the number and data on the people affected due to Corona virus and cases registered in India, in the respective communications addressed and inked by them, this may get treated as an error or blunder or non-synced efforts, without any supervision, at government machinery level.

But, in desperate times especially in situation like COVID-19, a global pandemic outbreak crisis, where data matters as lot and hassle free real-time tracking of data and numbers is all possible, as  available on DASHBOARD ( created by World Health Organization (WHO) which is on fingertips, the top rank officials and bureaucrats, not only from the state of Gujarat, but across India, come out with the most updated facts and figures, in public interest at large. Such synced efforts will not only help to understand the intensity and pedigree of the pandemic, but will help the audience and public at large to get aware and take precautionary measures to prevent further spreading on COVID-19.


What has been observed off-late is that even the Information Department of Gujarat Government, which is the vital arm of State Government to engage into an effective communication, is seen more lethargic and engaged into a closed circuit communication thorough social media networks, with selected few, acting like a postman and shaking-off the core responsibilities.

Such slippages clearly indicate that this vital arm of communication of State Government instead of portraying the State Government’s image rightly, is merely catalyzing the process of maligning the image of state government and pretends to remain active, but is more like a defunct body and financially an over-burdened entity, for the state exchequer.

The State Information Department is not actually engaging into corrective, rightful and meaningful communication, such data mismatch clearly indicates the lack of interest from Information Department of Gujarat Government.

The department which is becoming one financial burdened arm of State Government, which is clearly not engaging into rightful and productive communication or is not interested in shouldering the responsibility to cross-verify the fact, data, numbers and figures, before such communication goes viral through, several social media handles.

In era of Digital India, any communication from the government with the masses undisputedly goes global in fraction of second and State Information Department’s act of negligence is very much visible, as to how did they allow such data mismatched communication to travel outside without due diligence and without appropriately vetting it.

This incident is indeed an eye-opener and a serious time for State Government to think, whether the State’s Information Department is functioning rightly or merely pretending that it is performing, lowering their bar of quality, day by day.

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