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GUJARAT GOV nods infra, healthcare, water-mgmt projects worth 18.88 bln INR

GANDHINAGAR | RAJKOT – In a press-release issued by Information Department of Gujarat, press & publicity arm of Gujarat Government it read that Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani approved infrastructure, healthcare and water-infra projects including urban infra, healthcare, water infra etc across 6 municipal corporations (urban civic bodies) including Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Jamnagar and Junagadh and 7 municipalities (semi-urban civic bodies) including Dakor, Siddhpur, Kadi, Godhra, Talaja, Deesa and Palanpur.


The press-release titled, “CM approves developmental works around Rs.1888 crores for 6 Municipal Corporations and 7 municipalities in a day,” further read that Chief Minister of the state Vijay Rupani approved developmental works worth Rs.1887.73 crores (~18.88 billion) for 6 Municipal Corporations and 7 Municipalities in a day.

These include  infrastructural development works worth Rs.599.20 crores in Ahmedabad, works worth Rs.479.83 crores in Surat, works worth Rs.179.28 crores in Vadodara, works worth Rs.144.54 crores in Rajkot, works worth Rs.65.50 crores in Jamnagar.

The works include construction of flyover bridge, infrastructure development, roads, railway underbridge, etc. storm water drainage, water supply, purchase of fire safety equipments etc.

It will also include the purchase of CT scan machine, MRI machine, construction of urban health centre, cultural centre, multilevel parking, swimming pool, gym etc.


In addition to that, the CM has approved the construction of 5 flyover bridges worth Rs.230 crores for Rajkot.

The bridges will be made at the 150 feet ring road of Ramapir crossroads overbridge, 150 feet ring road of Nana mava crossroads overbridge, near Jaddu’s restaurant at Kalawad Road, Greenland crossroads overbridge and 150 feet ring road near Umiya Chowk.

The bridges will regulate traffic.


Rupani has approved the construction of a flyover worth Rs.50 crores in Disa and one in Palanpur worth Rs.28 crores.

From the remaining amount, the CM has approved the works worth Rs.35 crores, Rs.25 crores, Rs.5.08 crores, Rs.6 crores for roads in Vadodara, Rajkot, Jamnagar, and Junagadh respectively.

The total cost for the same is Rs.71.08 crores.

A sum of Rs.25 crores has been approved for developmental works in Rajkot’s outgrowth area, and a sum of Rs. 3 crores for town hall in Dakor, Rs.75 lakhs for Sidhpur, Rs.21 lakhs for Kadi and Rs.48 lakhs for Godhra.

A sum of Rs. 1 crores has been approved for new houses in Talaja in addition to Rs.9.86 lakhs for construction of railway underbridge in Godhra.


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