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GHCL launches REKOOP 2.0 bedding concept in New York

NEW YORK | NOIDA | MUMBAI | AHMEDABAD-GANDHINAGAR | RAJKOT – In a press release submitted to the Indian Stock Exchanges, Noida (Uttar Pradesh) headquartered GHCL Ltd said of having launched bedding textiles range REKOOP 2.0 at New York in US.

Press-release as submitted by the company to the Indian Bourses titled – “GHCL launches “REKOOP 2.0″ – An evolved and expanded expression of its sustainable bedding concept made with forensically tagged recycled polyester” further read that, during the New York Home Fashions Market Week, Fall 2019, GHCL Limited launched REKOOP 2.0, an evolved and expanded expression, which comprises of a total of 12 innovative collections.

Furthering GHCL’s passion for creating sustainable bedding solutions, REKOOP 2.0, is a truly circular solution which can ensure that used sheets are recollected and depolymerized into fiber again.

The polyester fiber can be used as a raw material for remanufacture and the cotton can be used as a biofuel.

The RE KOOP 2.0 collection revolves around exciting blends of recycled polyester with other sustainable fibers such as TENCEL™ from Lenzing AG, Modal, Bamboo, Cupro, Linen and BCI Cotton.

Meaningful performance attributes are incorporated into some of the collections.

Overall, the collections have a truly broad appeal in terms of weaves, textures, prints & finishes and are spread across the price pyramid.

GHCL has also ensured that its participation in this Fall Market is climate neutral.

It partnered with South Pole, a leading sustainability consultancy headquartered in Zurich, to calculate the GHG footprint of participation based on flights to and from New York, hotel stays and transportation within the city.

The incurred emissions have been offset by a factor of 2.5, committing to the 2-degree Celsius global warming path outlined in the Copenhagen Accord, totaling to 256 tonnes of C02 emissions.

The offsetting has been done by investing in the Kornburi Wastewater Treatment Project in North Thailand.

Green Circle Fashion, a thought leadership platform on sustainability transformation is being launched by GHCL during this Market.

This platform aims at creating a community of business leaders, experts, practitioners and students together to collaborate, innovate and build a knowledge base around sustainability.


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