Bajaj Auto July 2018 Numbers, reports highest ever monthly sales of Commercial Vehicles

AKURDI (PUNE) | MUMBAI | RAJKOT – Vide Monthly Business Updates as submitted to the Indian Bourses today, Bajaj Auto Ltd reported July 2018 Sales data of Motorcycles and Commercial Vehicles sales, total combined product sales of the company on domestic and export front grew 30% year-on-year reporting sale of 400,343 units in July 2018 as compared to 307,727 units during the same month last year.


Motorcycle segment of the company reported sale of 332,680 units inclusive of domestic sales and exports up 25% year-on-year as against 265,182 units for the the month of July.

Whereas combined sales on domestic and exports front of commercial vehicles grew 59% registering sale of 67,663 vehicles as against 42,545 vehicles during the same month, which the company has highlighted as the “highest ever monthly sales.”

On domestic front motorcycles segment reported 22% growth year-on-year for July 2018 registering sale of 201,433 units as compared to 164,915 units during the same month last year.

Exports numbers of motorcycle sales grew 31% on year at 131,247 units in July 2018 from 100,267 units during the same month in last year.

Sales of commercial vehicles in domestic markets for July 2018 went up 67% touching 36,078 units from 21,582 units during the same month last year.

Commercial vehicles exports zoomed up 51% on year at 31,585 units in July 2018 from 20,963 units in July 2017.


Total year-to-date sales number of the company for motorcycles and commercial vehicles inclusive of domestic sales and exports – starting from 1st April 2018 till 31st July 2018 registered 36% growth at 16,26,984 units from 11,96,161 units, wherein domestic sales grew 39% on year at 9,26,176 units from 6,65,406 units, whereas exports grew 32% on year at 7,00,808 units from 5,30,755 units.

During this period total motorcycle segment grew 31% on year at 13,62.644 units from 10,40,896 units wherein domestic numbers grew 35% on year at 7,95,667 units from 5,91,477 units and exports sales grew 26% at 5,66,977 units  from 4,49,419 units.

Total Commercial vehicles growth went up 70% on year at 2,63,340 units from 1,55,265 units, wherein domestic portion reported 77% growth at 130,509 units from 73,929 units and exports numbers grew 65% on year at 1,33,831 units from 81,336 units.

July 2018 Sales data somehow seemed to have missed the excitement from investors & traders, as the company shares were seen trading in negative territories and ended in RED Zone on negative counters, as the trading session on the Indian Bourses ended on Wednesday.