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AMARA RAJA announces Performance linked Remuneration during COVID19 Crisis

HYDERABAD / MUMBAI / RAJKOT – In a regulatory update as submitted to the Indian Stock Exchanges, Hyderabad headquartered auto parts & equipment manufacturing Diversified Indian Conglomerate Group Amara Raja’s automobile battery manufacturing arm – Amara Raja Batteries Ltd said of having announced innovative performance linked annual remuneration during COVID19 crisis.

In a press-release titled, “Amara Raja Group announces innovative Performance linked Annual Remuneration during COVID-19 Crisis”, as attached and enclosed with the regulatory update as submitted by the company to the Indian Bourses, it further read that, vide the announcement, Promoters holding Managerial positions have voluntarily agreed for up to 50% reduction from their total remuneration for FY2020-21, 10%–25% graded temporary compensation reduction for staff and management team; amount kept aside as ‘Business Performance-linked Pay’, to be rewarded back in the event of satisfactory business recovery and performance, there shall be no salary reduction for workmen and trainees and measures meant to manage the impact of COVID-19

The press-release in details further read that, The Amara Raja Group – amongst India’s leading business conglomerates with interests spanning varied verticals – announced a series of innovative measures in managing the impact of COVID-19 in the upcoming months.

Worldwide, the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted lives and livelihoods.

Current estimates indicate India’s GDP will contract between -5% and -7%.

The Group has been continuously monitoring these developments closely.

Due to the repeated lockdown extensions and extremely calibrated reopening of businesses, the fallout of migrant labor challenges, extra precautions and social distancing norms now emerging as the new normal, the Group expects demand contraction in specific customer segments, market volatility and resultant uncertainty in the months ahead.

Therefore, while the organizations in the Group are hopeful the economy will rebound sooner than later, the Management is constrained to take all possible measures in keeping the liabilities low.

Taking note of the extraordinary circumstances and the uncertainty in the business environment, Amara Raja Group Promoters holding the office of Managing Director in various businesses have voluntarily agreed for up to 50% reduction in their total remuneration for FY2020-21.

Regarding the staff and management employees, it has been decided to restructure the existing CTC by bringing in a graded reduction of 10% to 25%.

This will be applicable for the junior and senior levels and the reduced amount will be reconstituted as ‘Business Performance Linked Pay’ (BPLP) in the compensation structure for the balance ten months of FY2020-21.

If the business meets satisfactory levels of recovery and performance, the reduced amount will be rewarded back to the employees as BPLP.

This application of BPLP will be only for staff and management grade employees. Employees in workmen grade and all category of trainees will be paid the full CTC without reductions.

Also, staff employees below a certain threshold salary will be paid the full CTC and no reductions will be applicable.

Increments and revisions in compensation for FY2020-2021 are being deferred for all categories of employees.

Nonetheless, performance appraisal of all employees will be carried out and completed in due course.

To reiterate, for each business unit, financial performance goals will be outlined for FY2020-21 in administering the BPLP. If the required levels of financial goals are achieved, the proportionate amount of BPLP will be paid – based on the actual levels of recovery and performance of all the employees, including the Promoters of the Amara Raja Group.

Additionally, the Management is aggressively looking at opportunities for managing overall costs with appropriate austerity measures while enabling the organization to navigate through these uncertain times.

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