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AIRTEL partners with Google Cloud, to boost digital transformation

NEW DELHI | MUMBAI | RAJKOT –  In a regulatory update as submitted to the Indian Stock Exchanges, Indian Telecom major Airtel Ltd said of partnering with Google Cloud Partner to boost collaboration, productivity and digital transformation, in India, wherein the G-Suite will form part of Airtel’s integrated B2B (Business-to-Business) connectivity solutions for businesses.

The press-release titled, “Airtel and Google Cloud Partner to Boost Collaboration, Productivity and Digital Transformation in India,” further read that G Suite to form part of Airtel’s integrated B2B connectivity solutions for businesses.

The release in details read that, Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”), India’s largest integrated telecommunications services provider and Google Cloud today announced a partnership to serve the evolving needs of millions of Indian businesses in a rapidly digitizing economy.

Starting today, Airtel will offer G Suite to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in India  as part of its integrated ICT portfolio.

G Suite is a set of intelligent apps-Gmail, Docs, Drive,  Calendar and more-designed with real-time collaboration and machine intelligence to bring people together and help them work smarter and safer.

This latest agreement will provide a platform for both companies to tap growth opportunities in India, which ranks amongst the fastest growing economies and has the second highest  number of internet users in the world.

Airtel serves over 2,500 large businesses and over  500,000 5MBs and technology startups across India.

Enabling digital transformation of Indian businesses India is currently witnessing a rapid adoption of digital services.

Indian businesses are embracing digital tools and cloud based solutions to enhance agility and efficiency, and serve  the evolving requirements of their customers.

As per a recent report by NASSCOM, by 2022 the Indian cloud market could cross USD7 billion* and Indian Software as a Service (SaaS) market could top the USD3.5 billion* mark.

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