Agritech company CropIn releases SmartFarm App on iOS

BENGALURU | MUMBAI | NEW DELHI | AHMEDABAD-GANDHINAGAR-RAJKOT – Bengaluru headquartered CropIn, an agri sector technology company today launched SmartFarm App on iOS, the company’s press release read.

CropIn has released the ‘SmartFarm’ app for iOS users, in addition to the existing version that is available on the desktop and android.

SmartFarm is a complete farm management solution that monitors the pre-harvest farming processes.

The solution leverages weather advisory, satellite image processing and insights strengthened by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enable efficient operations, and to improve traceability and output predictability.

This empowers agribusinesses to enable data-driven farming in their operations by tracking, managing and monitoring every step – from input to execution – all in one place.

SmartFarm is validated by a number of organizations in the agriculture value chain — from farming companies, agri input firms, and seed production companies, to crop insurance providers and governments.

Major brands that use SmartFarm to improve their farming processes and associated outcomes include McCain, Syngenta, BASF, Government of Karnataka and the World Bank.

With the introduction of the mobile app on iOS, SmartFarm will now be accessible on iPhone/iPad devices.

This version of the app will equip the heads of agribusinesses to have complete visibility of near-real-time farming operations and enable access to actionable data insights on-the-go to make timely decisions.

With the release of the SmartFarm app on iOS, CropIn is crafting a holistic solution that makes monitoring the entire farming process extremely easy.

CropIn is a leading full-stack agri-tech organization that provides SaaS solutions to agribusinesses globally.

CropIn’s unique suite of products enables various stakeholders in the agri-ecosystem to adopt and drive digital strategy across their operations.

Using cutting-edge technology like big data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and remote sensing, CropIn creates an interconnected network of all these stakeholders at different levels of the agriculture ecosystem, enabling clients to analyze and interpret data to derive real-time actionable insights on standing crop.

Businesses can thus leverage technology to effectively drive their initiatives around Digitization, Compliance, Sustainability, and Traceability.

With the vision to ‘maximize per acre value’ and the mission to ‘make every farm traceable’, CropIn adds value to agri-businesses by increasing efficiency, scaling productivity, and strengthening sustainability across the board.

Thus far, CropIn has digitized over 5 million acres of farmland and enriched the lives of nearly 2.1 million farmers, while gathering data on 265 crops and 3,500 crop varieties in 30+ countries.

The SaaS solutions offered by CropIn are crop and location agnostic and are available on the web and on mobile devices.


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