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After Mumbai, Asian Granito plans to showcase products at Hyderabad

AHMEDABAD | MUMBAI | RAJKOT – In a company statement submitted to the Indian Bourses on Monday, Ahmedabad headquartered Asian Granito India Ltd said of launching product portfolio from Hyderabad, after having launched same successfully at Mumbai.

In continuation to Mumbai product launch of the company, now the company is going to launch same product portfolio with same design and pattern in Hyderabad on 10th September, 2018, the statement said.

Asian Granite India Ltd has launched more than 325 products across the verticals with exclusive design and size which will further upgrade the company’s product profile, the statement claimed.

The Company has invited exclusive dealers in this product launch, in order to strengthen its business ties and repo with these dealers, the statement read.

At the Mumbai product launch event in a dealer-meet, the company had bagged new business orders in showcased category valued at 300 million (~30 crore) rupees, the company had said in earlier communications to the Exchanges in month of August 2018.

Asian Granito launches 350+ designs in Mumbai, bags new orders worth 300 million rupees

Introduction of the new products in market is done keeping in view taste and preference of PAN India customers.

Induction of new size and latest design & pattern across all size, company is expecting strong order booking from dealers across all verticals, the statement claimed.

Products being launched at Hyderabad is from manufacturing and trading verticals.

Immediately, after the announcement hit the exchanges, it failed to woo the investors & traders, because immediately a dent was reported in the share price of the company traded on Indian Bourses, the company shares continued trading in RED Zone and ended on negative counters, as the trading session ended on Monday on the Indian Bourses.


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